If you need a

Plastic filling

If you have tooth decay, a plastic filling is the best option.

Plastic filling

The benefits of plastic

At PLUS1, we use plastic materials for a wide range of dental procedures every day, including plastic fillings.

The latest technology in plastic fillings means dentists can preserve more of your natural tooth than with previous materials like silver amalgam. Plastic is bonded to the tooth, reducing the risk of cracks and damage.

The plastic material can be shaped precisely to your tooth and customized in shade to make your fillings look completely natural.

Did you know that...

Plastic is also used for cosmetic treatments. Plastic can rebuild a tooth that has been broken.

If you want to change the shape of your teeth or close gaps between them, plastic can also be the solution.

Replacing old silver fillings

In the past, silver amalgam was often used for fillings, but silver amalgam can expand and cause the tooth to crack. This can happen when chewing food and often results in the tooth needing a crown.

By replacing old silver fillings with plastic fillings, you can prevent such damage and keep your teeth intact for longer.

Treatment process and painlessness

A plastic filling is typically uncomplicated. Our dentists can often perform a plastic filling in around 30 minutes, while a larger and more complicated filling can take up to 60 minutes. With precise anesthesia, we ensure that the treatment is painless.

During a checkup, we can often prevent by nipping your dental problems in the bud. This can save you from major treatments later in life.

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