When you need a

Root tip-

Your dentist will recommend root canal surgery when a tooth continues to show signs of inflammation around the root, even though the tooth has been thoroughly root canal treated. A root canal is a tooth-preserving alternative to tooth extraction. 

Root tip surgery

How root tip surgery works

In root canal surgery, the root tip and the inflamed tissue are removed through a small access on the side of the jawbone. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and you can communicate with us during the treatment.

Root canal surgery is always performed by our skilled dental surgeon.

Tooth prognosis

During the surgery, the dentist carefully assesses the prognosis of the tooth. In case of serious complications such as a cracked tooth, you will always be informed about the best option for your dental health.

Remember - before your surgery

We ask you to fill out a health form before your surgery.

To optimize the healing process, we recommend you eat a hearty meal before the procedure.

You are welcome to bring music or an audiobook to help you relax during surgery.

We answer all your questions

You will be informed both verbally and in writing about precautions regarding the treatment performed before you leave the clinic. If you still have questions when you get home, just give us a call. 

A personal and professional experience

Orthodontist Rannvá Matras and the rest of the team prioritize your treatment and comfort. We offer a unique combination of expertise, experience and human care that ensures personalized and professional treatment in a safe environment. From the moment you enter the reception until you leave the dental chair, we strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where you feel welcomed on both a professional and human level.

Communication with your dentist

If you have been referred by an external dentist, we will not hesitate to contact them if there are issues in the referral that require professional discussion.

Your referring dentist will receive a description of the treatment performed for filing in your dental record. Your dentist is responsible for further follow-up.

What does root canal surgery cost?

The cost of root canal surgery can vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. You will always receive an estimate before we agree to perform the treatment.

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