PLUS1 Values

We set out with the philosophy of offering high quality dentistry and transforming smiles, ensuring that each and every patient has a relaxed experience at PLUS1 Dental clinic.

At PLUS1, we pay close attention to creating a personal experience, and we always give ourselves plenty of time to listen, so that our patients feel a safe and trusting dialogue. It’s a priority to us that the patient knows everything that will be done in connection with the treatment, so that there is no doubt and uncertainty about course of the treatment. It is no secret that a dental visit can be associated with anxiety and discomfort, and therefore our staff also specializes in dealing with even the slightest concern.

PLUS1 has over time become one of the leading dental clinics in Greater Copenhagen, as we have for many years worked purposefully to be the preferred workplace for the smartest heads in the dental profession. Our clinics are equipped with the latest technology and newest equipment and we use only the best materials in our treatments. Thoroughness and professionalism are basic elements in our philosophy, and at the same time we believe that empathy for and commitment to our patients are at least as important.

Quality assurance – our promise to you

At PLUS1, we work continuously to ensure the highest level of service and quality for all our treatments – that is our promise to you:

  • We review randomly selected medical records in order to check X-rays, photos and medical records, so that we ensure that our high quality requirements are complied with.
  • Your treatment will be assigned by a team, which consists of a dentist and a dental hygienist. This ensures that you are always looked after by a minimum of two of our talented employees.

If you have special treatment needs, we will refer you to one of our team-specialists. We have specialists in: rootcanals, cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, periodontitis, implants and surgery.

  • We have cross-team meetings every month, where our dentists and dental hygienists exchange experiences and new treatment methods. In addition, our staff regularly participates in internal and external courses.
  • If you have any suggestions for improving our services,  we love to hear from you! You can contact us anonymously by mail: or phone: +45 3670 7600


For your first appointment, please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can create a journal for you. Remember to bring your yellow healthcard.

Cancellations must, as far as possible, be notified no later than 2 hours before the treatment. If we receive your cancellation later than this, it will be considered an absence, and you will be sent a bill of DKK 263.00 for an absence, which dentists according to the health insurance are entitled to.

At the end of the treatment, the bill is printed, which is paid on the same day in cash, by Dankort or MobilePay. For certain major treatments, the bill must be paid in advance.

If you are a member of “Danmark”, we will automatically report the refund application for you.

If you have a different insurance, we will be happy to send a refund application to them as well. Just notify the receptionist when you’re at the clinic.

You can freely change to a new dentist and you are entitled to have your medical record and X-rays transferred to the new dentist. Therefore, if you want to be treated at Plus1, our dentists will make sure that your previous medical record will be sent to PLUS1.

There is very easy access for wheelchair users at our clinic in Rødovre and Field’s. In Rødovre, there are large handicap friendly parking spaces on the rooftop parking with direct access to the clinic.

In Field’s there is disabled parking in the basement.

We have experience in assisting our patients in obtaining compensation from insurance companies or others.

If you need help applying for compensation, you are welcome to contact us.

Read more about complaints at


Multisurfaced plastic filling

Filling, 2 surfaces (premolar)

Filling, 2 surfaces (molar)

Filling, 3 surfaces (premolar)

Filling, 3 surfaces (molar)

Filling, 4 surfaces (premolar)

Filling, 4 surfaces (molar)

Filling, 5 surfaces (premolar)

Filling, 5 surfaces (molar)

kr. 1.736

kr. 1.736

kr. 2.078

kr. 2.078

kr. 2.514

kr. 2.514

kr. 2.723

kr. 2.723

Three joint bridge

Porcelain bridge as a replacement for 3 teeth, costumized and fixed on vital teeth

Surgical removal of tooth (not extraction)

Surgical removal of wisdomtooth (not extraction)

Local anesthesia

kr. 20.463

kr. 950 – 3.340

kr. 950 – 3.340

kr. 428


The treatments includes fitting and fixation on a vital tooth. Also includes preparation of tooth, temporary cap and documentation of medical equipment

Porcelain crown on a molar (without build-up and staple)

kr. 6.811 – 7.227

Rootcanal treatment

The treatment includes the nessesary cleansing and disinfecting of the rootcanals, drying, filling of the rootcanals and sealing at the entrence to the canals. Not included is local anesthesia, x-rays and finishing filling with either plastic filling or crown

Rootcanal treatment in 1 rootcanal

Rootcanal treatment in 2 rootcanals

Rootcanal treatment in 3 rootcanals

Rootcanal treatment in 4 rootcanals

kr. 2.404

kr. 3.339

kr. 4.274

kr. 5.209

Implant incl. crown

Insertion of a dental implant in the jawbone without jaw lift (sinus lift), but including necessary X-rays, anesthesia, surgical insertion of implant screw (fixture) and installation of cover screw (healing cap) and removal of surgical wire (sutures)

kr. 21.166

Implant without crown

Insertion of a dental implant in the jawbone without jaw lift (sinus lift), but including necessary X-rays, anesthesia, surgical insertion of implant screw (fixture) and installation of cover screw (healing cap) and removal of surgical wire (sutures)

kr. 14.500


For the upper jaw, including fitting and the first check

kr. 4.263